About Us

Growing up, my Mum was always encouraging me to live a happy and healthy life. Even as a kid, I always knew the importance of a healthy immune system, and to stay away from formulas that could include some not so safe ingredients. As my Mum continuously searched for more natural medicines or tonics that would boost our family's health, I developed a love of herbals teas. Not only were they tasty, but they kept me going, especially through Sydney's rainy & cold winter months. 

As I got older, my passion for childcare grew and I have found myself now 8 years into my career taking care of little ones. With my Mum also in childcare, we discussed how important it is to us to make sure the kids are living the same happy and healthy lives we did as a family. 

The only problem we continuously encountered was that not many natural products were specifically designed for young children, or new families trying to understand health benefits all in one place. I knew that just like me, there must be others out there looking for safe products or remedies with clear information about the benefits of certain natural choices. 

As my search continued to no avail, Mum and I began to create our own herbal teas. We knew exactly the sort of benefits we'd want the children we care for to have: something for digestion, something for immune boosting, and something to help with sleep. And with that, Tiny Tots Teas was established. 

We are a wellness brand empowering people to live the same happy and healthy lives I did as a kid. We have started with 5 beautiful organic blends that have left mothers happy that their little ones are drinking something healthy, and left babies, toddlers and children relaxed, calm and stress-free. 

 Learn more about what goes into our products, or feel free to ask us any questions by e-mailing us on our contact page.